February reading round-up

Happy March, everyone, and welcome to the first edition of my monthly reading round-up. I realized that, especially with school picking up, I just don’t have time to write a full review of everything I read. Thanks to my goodreads account, though, I can keep track of everything. At the beginning of every month I’ll post of list of everything I read that month, with links to reviews if I wrote them and a few brief comments if I didn’t. Without further ado, the month of February:

I started the month off with Lauren Oliver’s Delirium, which I read for the Forever Young Adult Book Club. Going to bookclub (at the Highball, no less) was definitely one of the high points of my literary month. I hope I can squeeze in next month’s selection before the meeting date. Read my review of Delirium.

After Delirium, I read Catherine Fisher’s Sapphique, the sequel to Incarceron, which I read in January. I really enjoyed both of them. They’re pretty hardcore speculative fiction, so the world-building is awesome, and I loved all of the court intrigue too. The relationship between Claudia and Jared was particularly wonderful.

I followed Incarceron with Pride & Prejudice, which, believe it or not, I hadn’t read before! I read it on my iPhone – my first attempt at doing the whole e-reader thing. I liked it WAY more than I expected, and now I totally want an iPad for all my reading (also because Apple has me in the palm of its sleek, well-designed hand). P&P was as awesome as expected – I may or may not have a Colin Firth Problem that’s lead me to see the BBC miniseries SEVERAL times – and I stayed up late into the night waiting for Darcy and Elizabeth to get together (the ending, btw, has SO MUCH MORE SWOON than any movie version! I read the last few chapters more than once – yeah, I’m that girl).

Good thing I liked P&P so much, because I was reading it at the same time as I Am Number Four, which, as you may recall, I was not so into.

After I Am Number Bore Four, I read The Necropolis by P.J. Hoover. The Necropolis was the book for my library’s teen book club, so I got to meet P.J. in real life and she was AWESOME! She was so good with the teens, and happy to talk to them about books other than hers and reading and writing in general. She gave a great explanation of Joseph Campbell’s theory of the hero’s journey. The Necropolis is the third in a series, and because I didn’t have time to read the first two, I spent most of the book being more than a little confused. The writing’s very capable, though, and the hero, Benjamin, has some pretty funny teenage boy moments, especially regarding his feelings for his “friend” Heidi.

I finished The Necropolis while I was babysitting, so I moved on to the OTHER book in my bag, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist. Nick and Norah was recommended to me by one of the teens at my library, who adored it. “It’s soooo good,” she told me at least five times in the course of a single conversation. My 26 year-old self liked it okay, but I can tell you for sure that my sixteen year old self would have loved it as much as my patron. Levithan and Cohn completely capture what it feels like to be almost but not quite an adult, and sixteen year old me would have found both Nick and Norah cool beyond words.

So those were my February reads (not counting textbooks, blech) – a pretty good crop overall! Can’t wait to see what March will bring….

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