March reading round-up

Oh lord, how is it April already? That means I have FIVE WEEKS of graduate school left. And what have I been doing instead of getting a head start on final projects? Reading, of course. I read four novels and listened to one audiobook this month, and I managed to review most of them (all those reviews might hint at why I read fewer books in March than in February…)

So – I started off with The Reapers Are the Angels, a Southern Gothic take on zombies, which I loved, and I got to interview the author for The Hub, which was intimidating. But! He was super cool and referenced both Buffy and Faulkner, so if you haven’t read the review, you should go check it out.

Then I read Rosebush, which is the April book for the FYA book club (should have waited to read it, too, because the book club isn’t till next weekend, and I’m gonna need a refresher on the book). It’s not exactly my style, but it brought back memories of Fear Street and Christopher Pike novels, which I enjoyed. All-in-all a fun read.

I followed Rosebush with Anna Jarzab’s debut, All Unquiet Things. I never got a around to reviewing this one, and I think it’s because I never quite decided what I thought of it. Since it was also a mystery/thriller set in a high school, I was comparing it to Rosebush, and I simultaneously liked it more and less. Stylistically, it was more up my alley, with complex characters, clear, beautiful prose, etc. I couldn’t quite connect to either of the narrators, however, and I never felt like I got to know the murdered girl who tied them together, so I didn’t feel very invested in the mystery. Still, the writing was really well done, and I’ll definitely be on the look out for Jarzab’s next book.

After All Unquiet Things, I changed genres completely and read Stephanie Perkin’s charming European romance Anna and the French Kiss while listening to Rita Williams-Garcia’s gut-wrenching urban story Jumped. You can see my review of the audiobook version of Jumped at The Hub. I adored Anna – it was such a sweet and spot-on portrayal of falling in love for the first time. Very swoony, if you have the heart of a teenage girl, which I apparently still do.

So that’s it for March! I just finished A Tale Dark & Grimm (just after *SPOILER*  it got knocked out of SLJ’s Battle of the Books), and I’m hoping to review it soon.

Happy April, everyone!

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