Thing 1: Blogs and blogging

Welcome to my cpd23 debut post! Wait, you’re saying, I thought this was a ya lit blog? It’s true that I mostly write about ya (and very occasionally children’s literature), but all that’s about to change! I don’t put myself in boxes! A blog is a blog is a blog, and I need a blog for cpd23!

Well. Now that that’s out of the way, I suppose I should explain just a bit what cpd23 is, and why it’s taking over my blog every Wednesday from now until October. cpd23 is an iteration of the 23 Things program that’s been floating around the web in LIS circles since the mid-200os. It’s designed to introduce information professionals, librarians and library staff to Web 2.0 and other tools that might be useful for professional development. You can get a complete rundown of the program and see the list of all 23 things of the cpd23 blog.

So why am I doing cpd23? A couple of reasons – although I’m familiar with many of the tools that we’ll be reviewing, I’d love to get more practice with them, and it would be great to have something concrete to point to in an interview with regards to my Web 2.0 skills. If I can say ‘I completed the cpd23 things program last summer, and I did x, y, and z, and you can see it on my blog,’ that’s much more convincing evidence of my tech skills than fussing about facebook, etc. Reason number 2 – I’m a very recent library school graduate, and I’m job hunting. I’m hoping that cpd23 will a) help prepare me for interviews, etc. and b) give me something productive to work on besides cover letters (I am SO TIRED of writing cover letters).

The third reason is networking, which is a word that grosses me out and gives me hives. Really, I’m interested in meeting other new professionals. It’s exciting to see what other people are doing, and it’s reassuring to know I’m not the only under-employed librarian out there. I already read a lot of children’s and ya lit blogs, but I don’t read a lot of blogs about librarianship in general, or librarianship outside of the children’s/ya spheres. I’m looking forward to reading about what other libraries and librarians are up to. Now that this post is finished, I’m going to work on Thing 2 – reading other people’s blogs – so I can get to know some of the other cpd23 participants.

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